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Frequently Asked Questions

Aqua Army NFT’s is a collection of 4,444 unique collectibles with its own characteristics and exclusivity. The Aqua Army was created by the team at P8FX Trading who set out to make unique NFT’s which had purpose, meaning, packed with enjoyment and fun!
We wanted to create a bond between the NFT world and the real world looking at a specific problem which we want to help tackle. We want to save the marine creatures!

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’. This means that it has unique elements to it as well as being a digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can purchase, own, and exchange/trade. General NFT’s have a core function of just being digital art. NFT’s can offer additional benefits like exclusive merchandise and access to events, items, and other forms of digital art.
NFT’s in our opinion are the future of art and being an early collector of our exciting collection will no doubt bring more benefits as this beautiful space evolves.

You can purchase an Aqua Army NFT from our verified collection on the Opensea Marketplace.
4,444 Aqua Army NFT’s are active and living in the ocean.
Every AANFT has unique traits and attributes which scale from common to incredibly rare. For example only 5% AANFT’s have a Golden Body with Multi Coloured Teeth which totals only 222 out of 4,444. It goes even rarer than that!
You’re able to check the rarity of your collection by visiting this website https://rarity.tools
They are all hanging out in our Discord Group: https://discord.com/invite/2ZnscjzSJZ

This is an integral and important aspect of the AANFT project so we are happy that you are interested. Our charitable donations are estimated to begin in September 2022. This could take place earlier or late depending on project success. We will be fully transparent and will keep the AANFT community up-to-date with our donations accordingly.

Once you have minted your AANFTs they will be sent to the wallet you used when minting. Initially, (as with all NFT mints) you will not be able to view the actual NFT but once the minting phase is complete, connect the same wallet to OpenSea and you will be able to see your amazing hand-drawn AANFTs.

It's easy to find out how rare your NFT is within the AANFT collection. Go to rarity.tools and search Aqua Army NFT, you will then be able to check the rarity of your NFTs. Another option is in OpenSea. When you view your NFT in OpenSea it will show you the properties of your NFT compared to the rest of the collection.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide on buying and selling NFTs.